10 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs & Smelly Pests Away

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10 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs & Smelly Pests Away

Pests are many types. Some attack directly, some eat food items, some spoil food and living appliances, and some create severe discomfort for people living in a home. Stink bugs are a type of pest that creates a strong bad smell. Stink bugs are one type of shield-shaped insect, measuring 3–4 inches long. As scientific studies show, they are five-sided insects and throw an invisible odor or chemical toward their predators when they feel endangered. For this reason, stink bugs are considered dangerous for your living or dining areas. If you come close to these stink bugs, you may get sick of a runny nose and dermatitis if you have allergies to these insects. Now we will learn more about stink bugs.

Stink bugs are mostly attracted by lights and warm shelters. In particular, stink bugs like warm areas. If your home is full of extra dazzling lights, stink bugs will enter your home. Also, if your home is located in a green area or forest area, stink bugs will try to find shelter in your home. Nevertheless, stink bugs look for cracks and holes in your home, doors, windows, and ventilation spaces. So to get rid of smelly stink bugs, you should block cracks and control the light and temperature of your house. Stink bugs throw compounds or substances that are chemical and create a severe odor for humans. Those who have allergies to those compounds feel acute discomfort and may become sick. Stink bugs are one type of smelly pest that smells like coriander leaves, burnt tires, and an animal named Shunk. As stink bugs create a severe smell that can cause runny noses and dermatitis, we should know how to remove stink bugs from your home.

Let’s have a look at 10 effective tips to get rid of stink bugs.

First, block the entry points. Stink bugs try to look for shelter in cracks where they can stay for a period of time. In the winter, stink bugs like to stay indoors. Therefore, to get rid of stink bugs, you should close the cracks and open areas like siding, chimneys, utility pipes, and window cracks. Caulk will be a very beneficial tool to seal up the attics, crawl spaces, and cable lines.

Remove fruits or overripe fruits that are liked by stink bugs. Studies show that stink bugs love sweet fruits and fruit crumbs when you throw them uncovered and leave them unsealed in your home or outside your home, probably in drains or garbage bins. Moreover, when you drink honey or maple syrup, which can also invite stink bugs to your home, you should clean it up immediately.

Try to check carefully when bringing fruits or vegetables to your kitchen. Sometimes we bring fruit or vegetable items from the market, and with those, we bring stink bugs unconsciously. This is a big mistake we make every time we buy vegetables in a hurry.

When you find many stink bugs in your home, as they don’t bite, just carefully pack them in vacuum bags and throw them into remote dustbins. When you crunch or squish them, they will emit a severe odor that you can’t tolerate and will get sick from. So, handle stink bugs carefully when they are already inside.

Stink bugs love dazzling lights. So, to get rid of stink bugs, you should limit the exterior light of your home. One can switch off the unnecessary light or use low radiation lights.

To get rid of stink bugs, you should check cracks or open areas of your home frequently. If there is any damage, poorly sealed glass or wall holes must be repaired before stink bugs’ entry.

Remove all outdoor and surrounding bug habitats. You should check if there are any new bugs, ants, or pests that have built their nests. Try to keep damp woods, grass, and lawns trimmed, and remove piles of debris around your house.

Keep your home’s inside setting moist-free. In summer, when the temperature rises, stink bugs increase their activity to an extra level. Drainage, puddles, and leaked pipes should be removed and repaired to get your home moist-free.

Proper home ventilation is essential to get rid of stink bugs. If the ventilation is good, then there will be no moisture, and thus stink bugs won’t try to enter your house, as they like moisture and damp areas.

As stink bugs cause health problems, you can contact professional pest control service providers. You should not try to apply any substances without any professional suggestions.

During the summer months, from March to September, stink bugs are more rampant due to temperature and moisture, you should consult with professional pest control service providers. They know how to apply the perfect method of pest control.
Additionally, stink bugs don’t bite, so you should not be panicked and contact the pest control expert you have nearby. In India, and especially in Mumbai, there are many eco-friendly pest control experts who will give you a proper solution against pest infestation. For controlling pests like termites, stink bugs, and other pests, Envocare pest control might be the best of all.

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