17 Unique & Interesting Facts About Rats You Might Not Know

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17 Unique & Interesting Facts About Rats You Might Not Know

1. Rats teeth are very strong and never stop growing

Rat’s teeth can grow up to 5 inches per year, they are super strong and never stop growing!! It is necessary for them to keep nibbling to wear them down, or else it would become impossible for them to eat. They gnaw through lead, cinder blocks, and even aluminum sheeting.

2.Did you know that Rats are great swimmers

We don’t recommend you all to make your rats swim, but some species of rats can wade in the water for three days and hold their breath for three minutes. There are some types of rats who can swim up to miles at once!

3. Rats have amazing memories

Rats are sharp animals they can memorize their routes. They can recognize other rats, animals, and also humans they have seen before and once they learn the navigation route, they will never forget that route.

4.Do you know that rats can smile

They smile with their ears. The rats which are happy have pinker ears, it becomes droopy and slightly pinker, also they relax them so that they hang loosely to the side.

5.Rat’s tails keep them cool

Did you know that rats can expand and contract the blood vessels in their tails? Their long tails are used to maintain balance, communicate, regulate their body temperature also to keep themselves cool. Some of their body heat is given out through their tails.

6. Do you know that Rats can breed non-stop

Facts about ratsA rat can begin reproducing just three to four months after they are born and continue until the age of 2. They can have as many as 20 babies at one time. Females are fertile approximately every three weeks, and during this time they have been known to mate up to 500 times in six hours. The pregnancy lasts about three weeks. Stop rat breeding in your homes and offices by doing pest control for rats.

7.Group of rats is called “mischief”

Keep all rats mischief out of your home and office, contact the best pest control services provider for rats pest concerns. Rats are mammals that are medium-sized ‘rodents’ they are said so because they belong to the scientific order of Rodentia with long tails. A group of rats is called a ‘mischief’.

8.Droppings of rats

A single rat can leave about 25,000 droppings a year _ poo-ey.

9.Rats are squeaky clean

They are very clean. They wash by constantly licking their fur! Also, you would notice that they comb it into place with their teeth. They spend several hours grooming themselves. That’s more washing than cats. It doesn’t mean that it can make a home in your house or office. Contact us for the best pest control services.

10.Rat is a social animal

They adore companionship. Without companionship, rats tend to become lonely, fearful, anxious, depressed. They get sad if left alone for long periods.

11.Have you seen a rat laughing

Rats make ‘laughter’ sounds when they play. When they are happy, they chatter, grind their teeth accompanied by vibrating their eyes.

12.Rats can see above also

They have eyes on either side of their head that can move in opposite directions they are also able to see what’s happening above them. it is very useful to spot a rat-eating bird.

13. Rats can fit in amazingly small spaces

Rat fits in small space
Rats can fit in the tiniest holes and gaps because of their body shapes and sizes. They can squeeze themselves to fit in small places which are much smaller than themselves due to their long and flexible bodies. Envocare finds rats from these places so contact herbal pest control for rat pest control services.

14.Some countries worship rats

A temple in northwest India is home to more than 15,000 rats who are worshipped by the temple’s devotees.
Karni Mata temple in India is home to 25,000 black rats who are worshipped there.
Rats are recognized as a vehicle of lord Ganesh in Indian tradition.

15.Rats have an incredibly strong sense of smell

They have such a good sense of smell; they have been used to detect landmines in sniffing they are much more efficient than dogs in Cambodia. they have 70% accuracy in diagnosing diseases such as tuberculosis in Tanzania. Not only are their noses covered with 2000 tiny olfactory sensors, but they also have a vomeronasal organ that senses and smells pheromones. It means your house rat might know what’s on the menu, so to keep your food and house safe you should know how to get rid of rats.

16.Rats can live without drinking water for several days

A rat can go longer than a camel without having a drink of water.

17.Rats are caring animals

They will save another rat from suffering even if they don’t know the other animal. Rats take care of each other and spend hours a day grooming their buddies. They also share their food with a rat in need. That does not mean they will also care about you call us or contact us, a professional pest control service provider for the best pest control services for all kind of pest services.

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