Are cockroaches harmful & ways to prevent them

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Are cockroaches harmful & ways to prevent them

Cockroaches are undoubtedly the most despised pests on the face of the Earth.  Seeing them alone is enough to make your skin crawl. Not only are they carriers of diseases but are also indicative of an unhygienic environment. To make things worse, they can fly too! Households are easy targets for these pesky creatures, and they mostly infest the kitchen or anywhere they think they can thrive. If you have cockroaches in your home or apartment in areas such as kitchen cabinets, the attic, or in your bathroom, it’s important to get rid of them fast.

Are cockroaches harmful?

Cockroaches have many negative consequences for human health because certain proteins (called allergens) found in cockroach feces, saliva, and body parts can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma symptoms, especially in children.

Although cockroaches are not usually associated with widespread disease outbreaks, their presence is a sign of poor sanitation procedures and they are known to carry a number of bacteria, which could give rise to serious illness in humans. They may also induce allergies and asthma symptoms in susceptible people. Cockroaches are a serious sanitary concern for humans but may also play a role in the transmission of some worms and diseases to other animals when they are ingested.

Although cockroaches can bite, diseases are almost exclusively passed on through mechanical transmission whereby their bodies are contaminated with bacteria which is then transferred to other surfaces they encounter as they move about.

This may lead to wound infections, food poisoning, and gastric upset. Amongst the organisms known to be carried by cockroaches are Salmonella species including Salmonella typhi causing typhoid, Entamoeba histolytica causing amoebiasis, Shigella dysenteriae causing dysentery, and potentially also the poliomyelitis virus responsible for polio. Other species known to be carried are Proteus spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermalis, Streptococcus faecali, and Escherichia coli.


What attracts cockroaches?

Cockroaches thrive in dirty, humid conditions. Chances are that the pesky cockroaches in your home are attracted to leftover food or spilled water.

Dirty dishes

One of the most common causes of a cockroach infestation is dirty dishes in the sink. It is always a good idea to wash your dishes immediately after eating. Avoid leaving them in the sink overnight.


Cockroaches and garbage go hand-in-hand! If you have open and overflowing garbage cans in your home, there are bound to be some pests. Always choose garbage cans with lids to maintain hygiene. Segregate waste and dispose of them at regular intervals.

Food crumbs

Cockroaches can generally be found near food crumbs and leftovers. No wonder the kitchen is their favourite room! Always keep your kitchen clean. Sweep the floor and wipe kitchen counters after cooking.

How to prevent cockroaches?

To protect humans from diseases associated with cockroaches, all areas likely to attract or harbour the insects should have some form of effective cockroach control applied. This could mean filling cracks in external walls and foundations, fixing or replacing leaking plumbing, keeping areas dry and clean, removing wastes in an efficient manner, ensuring food and human waste is not accessible by insects, setting baited traps or boards to trap or kill any cockroaches that may be present or applying an insecticide. An effective cockroach control services is essential to prevent infestations.

For best results, hire a professional cockroach pest control team to get rid of your infestation once and for all. Professional teams know how to locate and eradicate roach infestations safely and effectively, without putting your kids, pets, or household at risk. Also, hiring a pest control team ensures that the chances of them coming back to your home is minimal when compared to getting rid of them with make-shift solutions

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