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    We have a bedbug treatment developed specially for Mumbai’s homes.

    Got bed bugs in your house? Getting rid of them must be your first priority. Bed Bugs stay close to a food source and are hence found close to where people rest and sleep. There has also been a recent surge of bed bugs in homes biting people at night. Some experts say that this could be due to a global increase in the amount of international travel (as bed bugs are known to travel in luggage or clothing).

    If you’ve got a bed bug menace at your home, contact Envocare and we’ll send our trained professionals to your doorstep.

    Our treatment to eradicate bedbugs from your home includes these steps:

    • Spraying (odorless + herbal) will be carried out in the bedroom and seating areas
    • As a preventive measure, we shall also carry out a specialized anti-bedbugs treatment


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