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    Spotting cockroaches in your home can be distressing. They are carriers of several diseases including Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis. When exposed to them over a period of time, it also increases eczema and asthma- as they have been linked to cockroach droppings.

    Cockroaches are tough insects; their ability to breed rapidly makes professional treatment a must to control infestation. Our environmentally friendly solutions are what is required to eliminate them at any/all stages of their lifecycle. There are several signs that a cockroach is in your house, lurking around somewhere. Once you spot any of these signs, contact Envocare and we’ll send our trained professionals to your doorstep. Look out for:

    Unusual smell – An established cockroach infestation produces an unpleasant odor that taints items they contact.

    Cockroach droppings – If little water is available, cockroaches will produce brown/black cylindrical droppings, which are approx. 2mm long.

    Smear marks – If water is abundant, cockroaches will produce irregular shaped smear marks. Check for marks on horizontal surfaces and at wall-floor junctions where cockroaches scuttle.

    Shed skin – Cockroaches shed ‘cast nymphal’ skins from 5-8 times as they mature into adults.
    These are usually found close to where they are sheltering.


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