Eco-Friendly Pest Control v/s Traditional Pest Control: What Are The Differences?

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control v/s Traditional Pest Control: What Are The Differences?

Are you concerned about the rats and ants at your place?

With the change in weather conditions, the problem of pests also becomes prominent.

Whether outside the house or inside, the pests become a matter of concern. Not only the eradication of rodents, ants, insects, etc., but pest control also includes the protection of health, food, and property.

The process of pest control covers every part of our lives. Since insects attack everything that comes their way, it is essential to control the breeding and growth of rodents and insects. Some types of pests near our houses are rodents, ants, bugs, wasps, bees, moths, flies, birds, etc. They can contaminate the uncovered food, destroy property, and cause various diseases.

Although traps and baits work wonders in controlling the population of the contagion, sometimes, using chemicals and eco-friendly methods also helps.

What Is The Difference Between Regular And Herbal Pest Control?

When choosing adequate pest control methods, people often experience a dilemma.

The two notable methods of pest elimination that the pest control services in Mumbai provide are – chemical methods and herbal pest control.

Confusion between the two approaches is apparent as both are equally effective. Let’s look at the differences between the pest control methods to understand how herbal pest control is better.

●     Is Health Your Prime Concern?

Traditional pest control involves extensive use of chemicals. Although efficient in eliminating insects, the chemicals leave harmful traces. An alternative that is gaining more leverage these days is eco-friendly methods.

Traditional pesticides and insecticides use chemicals in the original form or a concoction. These chemicals are poisonous and have a lasting effect.

On the other hand, herbal pest control takes care of the pests while keeping the health of your home and family. It is also safe to use when you’ve got kids at home.

●     Effectiveness is Essential

When it comes to pest control, time is a primary concern. Traditional disinfectants work better and faster. As a result, people prefer using chemical disinfectants rather than herbal ones.

The herbal pest control techniques work slower than the chemical ones. However, the effect lasts longer.

●     Frequency of Application

Regular disinfectants require 2-3 applications within a month. It raises the chances of contact with chemicals. In the case of herbal pest control, the services last for over 20-30 days.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Herbal Pest Control Services?

You must opt for the ‘green’ pest control services in Mumbai for the following reasons:

1. Environment-friendly option

The chemical disinfectants leave remanents that survive for long hours. When used in the garden area, the chemicals affect soil fertility. It is preferable to use eco-friendly methods because they don’t have any side effects. You can use it both inside and outside the house. Always refer to a pest control service provider to disinfect your place.

2. Kids Safe

Herbal disinfectants are safe for the house, especially if you have kids. The eco-friendly pest control methods consider the health of your home and family. They have zero side effects.

On the other hand, chemical disinfectants are harmful. It leaves traces, and if the kids come in contact, it can cause suffocation when you come in contact. So, opting for eco-friendly pest control is a wiser choice.

3. Lasting Effect

Any green disinfection method takes time to show results, but it has a lasting effect. The natural components last about 20-30 days, reducing the pest population drastically.

4. Attracts Pests

The natural smell of the herbal solutions acts as a pest magnet. They even attract insects and bugs that are sometimes immune to chemical disinfectants. The organic treatment methods are biologically based, hence are more result-oriented.

5. No Staining or Odour

Herbal pest control uses natural ingredients. There is no staining on the sofas, curtains, bedsheets, or even the walls.

The chemicals leave an irritating effect on the lungs, whereas natural disinfectants have stuff like neem, eucalyptus, etc., that are beneficial for the body.


Disinfecting your place not only means getting rid of pests but also includes the safety of your home and family.

Pests are a nuisance that everyone wants to eliminate as soon as possible, but you need to be aware of the negatives and positives of every pest control method.

Herbal pest control techniques are more prevalent in today’s time. These are non-toxic and high-quality, which presents constant results.

The only underside of using herbal methods is that only selective pest control service providers offer it. Connect and hire pest control services in Mumbai that use eco-friendly disinfection methods. The experienced hands will efficiently render the services and protect your surroundings and you.

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