10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Ants You Probably Didn’t Know

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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Ants You Probably Didn’t Know

Ants, the tiny creature on the earth. In India, there are 4-5 known types like the red ant, black ant, red-winged ants, fat black ant known locally. But there is much more to these ants than the things we hardly know.

Here are the 10 interesting facts about ants

1. There are over 12,000 different species of ants on the planet.

From ants scuttling across your picnic to ants building underground fortresses in the rainforest to flying ants, ants are everywhere!

2. The bullet ant is reputed to have the world’s most excruciating sting!

Their sting has been compared to being hit by a bullet when they live in humid rainforest environments like the Amazon — ouch!

3. Do ants drink water?

ant drinking waterAnts are little, yet depending on their body weight, they can drink a lot of water. In a typical situation, an ant will drink approximately 7 microliters of water. This is the size of a fifth of a drop of water.

4. Ants are the longest-living insects on the planet.

Unlike some bugs, which only survive for a few days or even hours, the queen ant of one species – the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei – can live for up to 30 years – so don’t step on her!

5. In proportion to its size, the ant is one of the world’s most powerful organisms.

facts about antsA single ant can carry 50 times its weight, and they’ll even team together to transport larger objects! This is the strength of the ant.

6. In the animal kingdom, ants hold the record for the fastest locomotion.

The trap-jaw ant, as its name suggests, can close its jaws at speeds of up to 140 mph, which it employs to kill prey or hurt predators. Imagine being bitten on the bum by that!

7. Ants can breathe though.

Do ants breathe? They, like most insects, take in oxygen through spiracles’ in their abdomens, which provide enough oxygen for them to stay active.

8. Ants are a type of social insect that lives in colonies.

ants colonyThe colony, also known as a formicary, consists of one or more egg-laying queens and a large number of female “worker” ants that look after her, build and maintain the nest, seek for food, and look after the young. The main purpose of male ants’ wings is to mate with the queen.

9. Ants don’t have eyes or hearing, and some don’t even have legs!

Ants “listen” by sensing ground vibrations through their feet, and eyeless ants like the driver ant species can communicate by utilizing their antennae!
They may also send chemical signals (called pheromones) across their bodies to communicate with other ants! When danger is approaching, they send out warnings, leave pheromone trails leading to food sources, and even utilize them to attract a partner — sort of like an ant love potion!

10. Are ants blind?

No, but we might as well discuss something else here. For example, we all know that ants have wings, but what are their eyes? Is it possible that they have “actual” eyesight, or are they all “sensations?” There’s a good reason they don’t have eyesight: they don’t have “eyebrows,” as humans have.

Ants can cause problems like:

1. Stock and equipment damage:

ants infestationsIf ants get into food supplies, they can become a severe concern, especially if they start to reproduce and multiply. Depending on where they establish their nests, they can cause damage to structures, property, equipment, and appliances.

2. Human dangers:

Ant bites can be excruciatingly painful. Furthermore, some people are allergic to ant bites and may experience anaphylactic shock in severe circumstances.

3. Another danger is the spread of disease:

Bacteria, such as Salmonella, are carried by ants and can be spread by them. They can also help spread diseases like smallpox and dysentery. Don’t forget that these health dangers aren’t limited to your employees. Ants can also be harmful to your consumers’ health, which can result in major brand damage and reputational damage for your company.

4. The infestation has increased:

ants infestationsBecause ants are highly clever insects, ant infestations can soon become a significant concern. They can adapt to environmental dangers to defend or protect themselves. They also breed quickly, resulting in enormous colonies.

Ways to eliminate ants from premises:

There are various home remedies to prevent ants but the best way to eliminate ants is pests control.

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