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    From lizards to rodents, from termites to cockroaches, Envocare protects your home from all types of pests.

    Here are the pest control services we cover:

    Termites pest control Company Mumbai

    pest control services for lizards in Mumbai

    pest control rats at home

    Cockroaches Pest Control Services

    organic pesticides for mosquitoes at Envocare

    bed bugs pest control mumbai



    Spray Treatment

    Spray Treatment to control bed bug and cockroaches

    This treatment will control all types of insects such as lizards, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches etc. It is done using a non-allergic herbal perfumed spray. It is completely odorless and creates no problems, even to those who may be allergic to strong smells. In this treatment, we employ an insecticidal spray in all corners of the premises- including manhole covers, pipelines etc.

    Gel Treatment

    Herbal Pest Control gel treatment

    This treatment covers cockroaches extensively by applying paste in the infected areas. It’s normally done in the wood or furniture areas where use of a spray treatment could spoil the interiors of the premise. The cockroaches are eradicated within a week. What’s more is that there is no need to empty any furniture. Neither do you have to close the premises since it is completely odorless.



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