6 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Bugs This Rainy Season

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6 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Bugs This Rainy Season

Bed bugs are a kind of pest that the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA has defined as a public health pest that has only a six months life span. They cause itchy skin and suck blood from the human body. Bed bugs are small insects that can live in tiny corners of bedding and furniture. According to the British National Health Service (NHS), bed bugs can be red, dark yellow, or brown. They also reported that bed bugs are so tiny they can hide in mattresses, furniture, folded clothing, bed frames, and behind wallpaper. There are three types of bed bugs but all are almost the same in characteristics. If bed bugs bite, spots will appear, and sometimes, for some people, it may cause painful swelling. Let’s have a deep look at the reasons for bed bugs’ extra appearance during the rainy seasons.

Reasons why bedbugs appear during rains

Bugs or pests look for a dormant state to feed and breed themselves properly. First of all, pests search for a secure place. They fear losing their shelter to rain or water flows. So, they took shelter in your homes or lawns. Unfortunately, they stay there a long time and reproduce very quickly. Secondly, bugs prefer warm and humid places for their nests and living. In the rainy season, your homes and kitchens are preferred as they are much more secure and warm. The third reason is food. In the rainy season, outside food sources are not reachable for them. So, it’s easy to stay home and collect food from your stores, baskets, and dustbins. We will now discuss six essential tips to get rid of bugs or pests during this rainy season.

Tips to get rid of bedbugs during the rainy season

  1. Shut off all gaps around your home. If you keep your eyes on your home appliances, there can be found some gaps and spaces through which pests and bugs can enter. Use tight-fitting doors, ventilation, water lines, and window appliances. Apply tube caulk and fill the gaps and cracks you found.
  2. Remove the clutter in your home and office space. Carefully clean up all the clutter before they create a mess. Remove and throw them into a place and clean the place with bleaching powder to prevent bugs from entering your home. It’s an eco-friendly and home solution for pest control you can try.
  3. Find out stagnant water around your home. Sometimes we keep water for a long period intentionally, and sometimes rain water stays unnoticed around our homes and lawns. Untidy and dirty water welcome pests and bugs to your home. That’s why you should have to remove stagnant water from pet dishes, plant pots, and flower vases.
  4. Apply aroma natural oils. Some natural oils can chase bugs and pests from your home areas. Neem oil, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oils can be used on your mattress and furniture as insect repellents. When sprayed in the appliances it can draw harmful insects like bed bugs and other pests away.
  5. Don’t let moss and algae grow in open spaces around your home. In the rainy season, moss and algae become damp and create moisture that will definitely bring pests and insects to your home. Also, keep wooden objects dry and clean the concrete walls frequently. You can set Basil, Lavender, aloe vera, Lemongrass, and Rosemary plants as insect repellents.
  6. Use pesticides and bed bugs pest control methods. You may take help from professional pest control services. Pest control professionals can apply high temperatures to instantly kill bed bugs on your mattresses. Also, pest control services can perfectly ensure your kitchen is pest-free. When making your kitchen pest-free you should be careful because of food. Professionals can handle it perfectly.

Bed bugs and pest control method s require some caution. So, you have to take help from pest control services, which you can easily find in Mumbai city. In Mumbai city, many pest control and eco-friendly pest control companies are providing quality services to make your home and office spaces free of pests and bugs.

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