How to get rid of house flies – 7 best ways

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How to get rid of house flies – 7 best ways

The house fly is the most common fly found in and around homes. It is prominent in almost every home around the World. House flies are not only nuisance pests while buzzing around homes, but they are potential disease carriers. House flies have short lifespans, but they can quickly reproduce in large numbers, leading to large house fly populations if not identified and effectively controlled.

There are a variety of techniques to get rid of house flies. Some of the most effective methods are:

1. Cleaning the home

Water is vital for flies to breed. Water is an essential part of their diet, as flies cannot survive more than 48 hours without access to water. Many house fly infestations are due to excess moisture and debris accumulating around the house. Water can often build up in wet or moist areas such as sinks or drains. Houseflies usually enter homes from the outside but can sometimes breed indoors. Breeding sites inside are more common in buildings where garbage is kept indoors.  Keeping sites where they tend to breed clean can ensure the prevention of houseflies.

2. Keep the doors closed

The smell of cooking meat is a strong attraction for flies, and they will congregate at the screen door waiting for an opening. Flies are carnivorous; their sense of smell will entice them toward any strong scent.  Whenever you are cooking in your home, make it a rule to keep the doors closed as much as possible. Then clean up the food right after meals.

3. Scoop the poop

Having pets at home and double the chances of attracting flies. Animal feces are one of the biggest fly attractants. Ensure that you remove the waste materials of your pets from your home and backyard as immediately as possible.

4. Seal the trash cans

The lids of your trash cans should completely fit and seal tightly to eliminate any space for flies to get in. Keep lids on your wastebaskets indoors, as well. Do not let any decaying matter sit around.

5. Cover fruits

Fruit flies are tiny flying insects that magically appear a few days after you put the fruit bowl on the counter. You can get rid of house flies by placing fruit in a muslin cloth bag. Just like fruits, any food item inside your home shouldn’t be left open. Always ensure that it is properly covered and protected from flies.

6. Grow indoor plants

Certain indoor plants are great housefly repellent. Herbs such as lavender, mint, and bay leaf can be planted in window boxes to discourage flies from entering windows. You can also plant these herbs in pots and place them in the kitchen and elsewhere around the home. Flies also avoid marigolds and nasturtium, so incorporate these flowers into your garden beds or outdoor pots close to the home and its doorways to keep flies outside.

get rid of house flies

7. Use fly traps

You can create your own homemade fly trap with a jar, some sugary water, and a paper cone. The sugar attracts the flies, and the jar and cone make it impossible for the flies to escape once they are trapped. You can also purchase flypapers coated with a fragrance that attracts flies. The flies will then get caught in the sticky paper, allowing you to remove them easily.

These are some of the methods that are effective in combating house flies. However, the best option to eliminate flies is by seeking the help of professional pest control services. Envocare is an undisputed expert when it comes to eliminating common household pets including house flies. Our herbal-based formulas when combined with trained manpower eradicate pest problems, in every nook and corner of your home. All our products are environmentally friendly, which enables us to efficiently combat the pest problem in your home without compromising on your health and safety.

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