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    Use Envocare’s rodent control services.

    Spotting a rat or a mouse in your home can be very distressing. Especially since mice are known to spread diseases as they search for food and shelter. This makes them a danger especially in kitchens or wherever children are playing.

    They also have a natural and constant gnawing habit. This can cause great damage to you property, furnishings and fittings. That’s why we have specialized services to get rid of the rodent menace. Our 100% Herbal treatment to eradicate rodents from your home includes these steps:

    • We identify all possible rodent entry points and submit them to you
    • We identify their route and fix glue pads and baiting stations
    • We use Herbal Cakes to decompose them in seven days
    • We conduct follow ups on glue pads and baiting stations

    There are several signs that a mouse or a rat is in your house, lurking around somewhere. Once you spot any of these signs, contact Envocare and we’ll send our trained professionals to your doorstep. Look out for:

    Rat Droppings – Tend to be found concentrated in specific locations as rats produce up to 40 droppings per night. Brown rat droppings are dark brown in a tapered, spindle shape – resembling a large grain of rice.

    Scratching Noises – Rats are particular are deft climbers. They can easily gain access into loft spaces and upper floors of buildings, so scratching noises at night may suggest their presence.

    Footprints – Rats leave foot and tail marks in dusty, less-used areas of buildings. Shining a strong flashlight at a low angle should reveal tracks clearly. To establish if an infestation is active, sprinkle fine flour or talc along a small stretch of floor near the footprints and check for fresh tracks the next day.

    Rub Marks – Rats use established routes along skirting boards and walls due to their poor eyesight. Grease and dirt on their bodies leave smudges and dark marks on both objects and surfaces they repeatedly brush against. These marks may indicate rodent activity, but as smears may remain for a long period of time, they are not a good gauge of an active infestation.

    Burrows – Rats are well known for digging extensive burrow systems for shelter, food storage and nesting. They build burrows next to solid objects or structures (decking, garden sheds, garages etc.) and are found in secluded, well vegetated areas such as gardens and wasteland.




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