7 Tips About Summer Pest Control & Reasons Why Summer Is the Pest Season

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7 Tips About Summer Pest Control & Reasons Why Summer Is the Pest Season

Summer is the warmest season of the year. Due to geographic regions in the summer, there are high temperatures and moisture across the world. Unfortunately, in the summertime, you and your stuff may be under attack by numerous types of pests. Pests are some types of harmful insects that very often attack humans and our house accessories. During the summer season, you will definitely see them very active around your home and office areas. Then let’s find out why pests are more active in summer than in other seasons.

Reasons why summer is the pest season

The most mentioned reason for their additional activities is the temperature. In summer, the temperature normally rises, which is the common cause of extra movements of pests. In summer, pests feel uncomfortable outside and look for shade and new living areas to get rid of the acute sun rays. Also, in summer, almost all pests do their reproduction activities.

Another reason for pests’ extra activities is moisture. In summer, the weather remains moist, and thus pests thrive during this time. Pests basically like damp areas for making their own safe living areas and finding foods.

Pests love our house and surrounding areas like lawns and drains. In summer, we like our lawn clear, and thus our drains become replete with standing water. Nevertheless, in summer, fruits and almost all raw materials get rotten quickly, and we throw them down the drain. This helps pests find more foods than in other seasons.

The longer daytime is another cause of pests’ extra activity in the summertime. Actually, in summer, the daytime becomes longer and pests normally wander for food collecting the whole day long. And more foods enable them to feed more and breed more.

Pests are normally cold-blooded creatures. That’s why seasons, especially the summer season, influence their lifecycle very much. The summer months are noticed as the reproductive months of most of the pests. Most harmful pests, including rats, rodents, cockroaches, and flies, are notable summer season pests. 

In the summer, people mostly spend time outside their homes. They left their homes dirty and full of perishable food materials and food crumbs for a long time. At that time, pests take over control of the home’s corners and other tiny areas.

To be free of these harmful seasonal pests, you should apply year-long pest control measures. Year-long pest control measures are basically applied for a certain period of time or season when various types of pests come out and create a nuisance. Moreover, some pests like cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, and termites don’t depend on the season but rather stay in home areas over the year. To drive away these pests, you should contact a professional pest control service provider near you and apply pest control processes. Professional pest control service providers know very well which pest control treatment should be applied. They collect various types of pest control treatments for your convenience, including cockroach pest control, termite control, and ant infestation control.

ants- summer pests

Now we will learn some dos and don’ts for controlling pests in the summer. We will focus on four very momentous dos and three don’ts. Let’s have a deep look.


I. When you stay in your home, please try to find out areas where pests can enter your home or kitchen. Block them before going out and if you can you can contact a professional pest control company to take preventive measures.

II. Properly clean your home appliances and areas where you store foods or sweets or any other materials that can invite pests from outside. Never leave dirty dishes for a long time in your sink and other areas you use frequently.

III. Don’t let your containers be full of water. Always let home jars and containers empty because standing water invites pests like flies and mosquitos.

IV. In summer raw vegetables and fruits overly ripe quickly. If the fruit is overripe then there emerges a bad odor and that causes the presence of many pests in your kitchen and living rooms. So garbage and overripe fruits throw into bins.


I. Never leave pet dishes uncleaned. You know pet foods create more odor and conditions perfect for inviting pests when they rotten. So don’t let your pet’s meal pots uncleaned.

II. Garbage and trash bins should disclose every day. Sometimes we forgot after throwing garbage just dustbins from our kitchens and room corners. But that garbage rotten in those dustbins and omit bad odor which can cause an instant attack of pests like rats, cockroaches, rodents, flies, and ants.

III. Don’t use outdoor pest control chemicals indoors. This is a very big mistake people do very often. We forgot to hire a professional pest control service provider and mistakenly use the outdoor chemical in an indoor setting. This causes big health risks.

So, for your safety, and healthy lifestyle professional pest control services in Mumbai are working continuously. Envocare pest control is striving to engage with recognized pest control professionals you can depend on without any hesitation.

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