Top 7 Early Signs Of Termite Infestation

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Top 7 Early Signs Of Termite Infestation

Termites in India are one of the worst problems that anyone can expect in their workplace or house. Termite damage is not even a part of policies for home insurances and it is very important to know that even fire is not as dangerous in the way termites are.

This is one of the scariest things that you can expect at your home but at times we miss out on so many signs for termites around your house. Termite problems should be cured as soon as possible and action should be taken as soon as you see the signs. The soon you detect termites the more you minimize the price of repairing that you might have to pay if the infestation increases but the question here is How to find Termites. Sometimes signs of termites in the house become very difficult to detect and this is the reason why we need regular Termite Inspection. So here are some very important signs you should never ignore.

7 Early warning signs of termites Infestation:

1. Flying Termites to be Noticed

flying termitesTermite infestation has its first sign and that is Swarmers. These are termites with the wing which start emerging from nests and they emerge in huge groups. The groups have both female and male termites who left their earlier nest and now they are moving to search for a suitable mate. Most of the species can be seen at the night and some are also attracted to light sources at your home. Also, one main season when you will be able to see signs of termite Infestation are during monsoons. A Termite nest on the wall is another important signal.

2. Signs of Discarded Wings

Another sign that you should always notice is discarded wings which are left by the termites. Flying termites i.e. Swarmers have a feature that whenever they take a flight there always shelled out some of their wings. In case there is termite infestation at your house you will be able to see these wings very easily around the foundation of your property either in the interior of your home or the exterior.

3. Signs of Blistering Wood

termite infestation serviceBlistering bored refers to the hollow-sounding wood which is another signal to warn you of a termite infestation at your home or workplace. Termites consume a lot of wood and after this consumption, they leave behind thin timber veneers, and sometimes just the paint is left behind. If you see hollow or paper-like remains then you should understand that this is all because the timber inside has been consumed by the termites. Sometimes you will also be able to see cracks on your walls and these cracks are the most visible sign of termite infestation.

4. Signs of Tights Doors, Windows, and Damaged Floorings

You might have noticed that at times it becomes very tough for us to open the windows and doors. This might be due to the termite activity because termites have a habit of eating the cellulose which is in the timber and also the doors and window frames. You should always make sure that you check your house and workplace properly. You should keep a check if there is a ceiling or even the corners of your home.
Termite infestation can be so dangerous because it can even damage your laminate flooring including baseboards at your home. They damage the floorings in such a way that they start blistering and sagging from some areas. Another signal is that you feel that the flooring of your house starts feeling very spongy or it starts springing a little more as compared to how it usually springs.

5. Signs of Frass

Another warning sign of termite infestation could be the presence of bras which refers to dry wood termites. It is a dry wood termite dropping that is wood colored. Although it is very difficult for the naked eye to catch this warning signal because sometimes you might just confuse it with sawdust. It is always good to keep having termite inspections at your home and workplace so that search signals can easily be caught and termites could be treated at the right time so that they move away from your workplace or home without causing a lot of damage.

6. Head Banging Noises

This is one of the most dangerous signals of Termite Infestation when you feel that there are some clicking sounds being heard from the walls. The head-banging noises can be heard when the solder termites start banging their head on the wood or sometimes they start shaking their bodies. This is a signal of danger that they give to the other termites. Termites are very sensitive and they can easily detect minute vibrations and even the noises around them using special organs present in their body.

7. Munching Noises by Worker Termites

termite problemThere are various types of termites in India like White termites and one of them is worker termites. These termites start eating your woodwork and these are very noisy. You can easily hear them munching if you try to keep your ear near any wood which is affected by termite infestation.

In case you suspect that your house requires a Termite treatment, then you should try out Termite detection service for your Termite house and avail the best Termite control service in Mumbai.

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