What Are The Types Of Pest Treatment: A Complete Guide For 2023

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What Are The Types Of Pest Treatment: A Complete Guide For 2023

From back in the 18th century till the 21st century, pests have been the dread of all times. Pests are a nuisance that causes damage and diseases. They infect your home, family, and even workplace. Once pests find a suitable environment to reproduce, they inhabit the place. It becomes essential to control the growth to stop spreading them from one section of the house and business to another.

Although strenuous, it’s not impossible to get rid of them. For starters, you can follow some of these things to eliminate rodents, ants, bugs, fleas, etc.

  • Decluttering
  • Deep cleaning
  • Daily disposal of garbage
  • Eliminate the holes and cracks
  • Clean the roof of the home and office regularly.
  • Cover the food and leftovers

The methods mentioned above work their magic but hiring commercial pest control services can help you eliminate the problem. Four pest control services depending on the insect infection and the cure you require are-

  1. Physical Pest Control
  2. Chemical Pest Control
  3. Herbal Pest Control
  4. Electronic Pest Control

1. Physical Pest Control

Physical pest control is the most popular method of removing unwanted organisms. These are tried and tested methods with proven results. It includes traps, baits, temperature regulation, and using natural predators.

One thing to remember is that physical techniques focus more on prevention than extermination. It pays more attention to removing breeding grounds and annihilating insects. The best pest control in Mumbai follows the safety guidelines to eliminate pests from your home and office.

2. Chemical Pest Control

Pesticides and rodenticides are the most well-known methods of pest control. Chemical pest control has been regarded as dependable, eradicating the pathogen population. Pesticides are typically used in situations when no other strategy will suffice.

The chemical methods use gel and spray treatments for bugs, fleas, cockroaches, and ant pest control. It is a quick and effective treatment that shows fast results. However, consistent use of chemicals can affect health and the environment. Connect with commercial pest control services to get the help of trained professionals.

3. Biological Pest Control

The biological pest control formula is gaining traction with the inclusion of green treatment methods for controlling pests.

It entails using other natural organisms to control or eradicate a pest. For example, beetles feed on each other; wasps eat whiteflies, dogs, cats, and mongooses killing other insects.

The use of sprays made out of natural ingredients is also a part of the biological treatment method. The pests also become resilient to chemicals. In such situations, eco-friendly solutions work the best. It’s also a long-term solution, so pest control is only required once. The pest control services like Envocare use environment-friendly methods to minimise the reproduction of pests.

4. Electronic Pest Control

Technology has made its entry into pest control services as well. Recent technological advancements enable new approaches to pest control. Electromagnetic devices will target specific species’ nervous systems, repelling mice, rodents, arts, and other insects. Ultrasonic devices produce high-frequency sounds that affect small vermin species.


Sometimes, the precaution starts at home. Use good hygiene to keep pests at bay at home and work. Cleaning up after meals, placing leftover food and residue in a trash can, using the dishes etc., also help eliminate any pests’ welcome gesture.

Pests are a curse for every home and business. However, if you are unsure of the best method for your facility, a pest control expert can help. Call the best pest control In Mumbai to assist you in eradicating pests. Envocare devotes itself to protecting you and keeping the environment intact.

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